DOT Exams in Bonita Springs, FL

Bohn Chiropractic Clinic provides quick and affordable DOT physical examinations. DOT examinations are required in order to operate any commercial vehicle. The exam evaluates the person's ability and health to perform commercial driving. Dr. Rinas performs all DOT examinations. She is a National Registered Certified Medical Examiner (NRMC).
DOT Exam - DOT Physical Examinations in Bonita Springs, FL

What Does a DOT Physical Consist Of?

DOT physical examinations are similar to regular routine health physical exams including organ and kidney function testing. The exam also includes a review of the driver's health history. DOT physicals are required by the United States government and your employer to ensure that the driver is in good condition to safely operate a commercial vehicle.

Are Drug and Alcohol Tests Part of a DOT physical?

At this time DOT physicals do not include drug or alcohol testing. However, these might be required by the driver's employer.

What Are the requirements to pass a DOT physical?

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration requires all commercial drivers to be in good medical condition to safely drive a commercial vehicle, to conduct the proper vehicle safety inspections, and to be able to secure the load or cargo being carried. However, bus drivers will have different requirements that they must meet to pass their DOT physical. Those with diabetes, vision loss, hearing loss, or epilepsy may be disqualified or exempt.

How Often do I have to get a DOT physical?

DOT physical certificates from a medical examiner are valid for up to 2 years or 24 months unless specifically stated for medical reasons if frequent monitoring is needed. For more information about DOT certifications, please review FMSCA Requirements 49 CFR 391.41 or click here.

What to Bring To Your DOT Physical

  • Driver's License
  • Previous Card If Already Certified
  • Prepared For A Urine Sample

Schedule a DOT Exam

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